SNA LA POSTE evolves the formats of its geographic postal reference file, HEXAPOSTE, HEXAVIA and HEXACLE and proposes a new version named NV 2011.

These new versions will coexist with the former ones for some weeks and will be available this September.

What evolves is:

  • Postal identification of the commune which is not based anymore on INSEE City code but on a 6-digit LA POSTE code. This code becomes the postal mention ID.
  • So-called places replacement by a special postal indication related to the official commune.
  • Optimization of namesake streets management.

Otherwise, waiting for the AFNOR decision, the 32-character is still a standard.

You can get more information about the changes and data sheet of the new version NOV 2011 in the Aide page of the Customer Area on AMABIS website.

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