Auto completion of postal address

Address input: auto completion or post-correction ?

The auto completion-assisted input or predictive input of the fields needs, for performances concerns, to start by the end of the address, country, postcode, street and then address complement.

This input, unusual for some countries, including France, requires organized input fields, what makes the input tedious, particularly for a savvy operator. However, if it is slower, it allows saving the keyboarding and can be efficient in case of spelling difficulties.

Therefore, AMABIS offers another address input method, less engaged but performing that recognize the nature of the input information. The unstructured block of addresses works better then and the postcode and city fields are not necessary. Typing and spelling mistakes are also corrected in most cases.

This second assisted and validated method of address input has a lower access to geographic postal reference file and therefore to the network flow of information. At the time of a control, this service can nevertheless complete the auto completion assisted input and guarantee the RSPV Processing because all input fields are analyzed.


Testing the other method, address input RSPV Processing

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