Compared presentation of address control modalities

Controlling postal addresses validity, in which circumstances ?

  • making faster and reliable the address input by internet users or input specialized employees
  • reducing numbers of undeliverable mail
  • controlling delivery addresses to reduce claims
  • accessing the La Poste Destineo profitable conditions
  • performing an Ev@ test


The IT process is called RSPV, Restructuring, Standardization and Postal Validation, and creates an address with AFNOR standard. To guarantee the respect of postal upgrading, the soft ware must be approved by La Poste SNA.

There are several possibilities to operate a RSPV process:

  • getting a license of La Poste official postal reference file and programming your application: fixed annual budget + your unapproved development
  • using a external contractor to process your files: variable budget according to processed addresses


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