• After definitly stopping standard 32 from SNA in usual géographic files delivries, Amabis keep supplying a standard 32 version from standard 38.

  • After several delays, systematic supply for standard 32 characters repositories will stop at the end of october.

    There will not be 32 characters file reference anymore.

    Nevertheless, if you still want to get your deliveries according to this old standard, please contact AMABIS sales department.

  • In 2014, La Poste decided to stop standard 32 reference files in april 2015.
    Now, the SNA continue to provide both standard 32 and standard 38 for 3 months more : April, May and June 2015.

    AMABIS will continue to deliver both standard 32 and standard 38 during this period.

  • From the end of may 2015, ROUDIS Reference will be modified for Mechanized Sorting Indicator and Distribution Indicator.

  • HEXAPOSTE file will change at the end of nov 2014.

    The Type Postcode 'R' will disappear. All geographic areas are concerned : home country and overseas.

    HEXAPOSTE will keep 2 Postcode types :
    - M = Menage
    - C = Cedex

    The type Postcode "C" without attributed client will stay without INSEE code attached.

  • To have an easier access and use of geographical references, Amabis created the portal read more

  • Delivery of geographical database from La Poste under both format 32 and 38 characters (field length) will be definitely stopped by April 1st (last delivery march 2015). From this date, only 38 characters format will be available for the postal database according to the standard AFNOR NFZ10-011.

  • The e-shop will be closed for maintenance reason from december 31st to january 6th.

    Amabis thanks you for your understanding and wishes you an happy new year.

  • LA POSTE enriches its file Hexaposte® of an alphanumeric key "CEA” (Extended Code Address) to codify addresses composed with a Line 6 or a Line 5 / Line 6. This specific CEA in L5 / L6 is only positioned on zip codes household and is constituted by the code INSEE of the locality followed by a counter of 5 characters (10 characters all in all).

  • The publication on January 19th, 2013 of the new standard NF Z AFNOR 10-011 “Mailing address — How to write a mailing address — Rules for the presentation of small format mail for automatic processing" officialize the address format with 38 characters per line. The old format of 32 characters was deleted in September, 2012.


  • Prices regional and departmental geographic reference files down 22% since March 2013. Thus, for a file HEXAPOSTE, prices are now 65 € HT for a department to 254 € HT maximum for a region.

  • The geographic postal reference files of the SNA LA POSTE are still delivered in two structures or registering formats of Hexaposte, Hexavia and Hexaclé. Old version will no longer be found at the end of March 2013. Only will remain NV2011 version.


  • AMABIS will be present in the new show MD Fair on November 7th and 8th. This show is dedicated to the techniques of Direct Marketing for Sale. It will take place along with the show Vendre.

    AMABIS will run three workshops on:

  • To answer the increasing needs of geolocation, AMABIS proposes on the basis of the TOM TOM reference file a new Web service and batch processing geocoding.

  • SNA LA POSTE evolves the formats of its geographic postal reference file, HEXAPOSTE, HEXAVIA and HEXACLE and proposes a new version named NV 2011.

    These new versions will coexist with the former ones for some weeks and will be available this September.

    What evolves is:

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