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Reference table of postcodes (households and CEDEX codes) possible in the 36 600 France communes

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HEXAPOSTE NOV 2011 is the postal reference file of France postcodes and CEDEX codes extracted from La Poste Production data. It allows the address line 5 and the address line 6 control of geographic and CEDEX addresses. This postal reference file is updated by the advisers of Address Operational Centers (COA), based on updates relayed by the INSEE and the postal network management modifications.

HEXAPOSTE NOV 2011 contains the 6 300 postcodes of the 36 600 communes of France, in addition the ones of the 1 100 former communes and the 21 000 CEDEX codes created in the CEDEX offices as well as the CEDEX codes attached to the INSEE codes of the CEDEX clients.

A complete and updated version of HEXAPOSTE NOV 2011 is available each month with the standard 38 characters (optional 32 characters) according to the standardization rules outlined in the AFNOR Z 10-011 and XP Z 10-011 standards. The last one is still experimental until the launching of the address European standard.

Additional data that can be downloaded:

  • HEXAPOSTE NOV 2011 material data sheet (.pdf)
  • example of registering format 38-character standard (.txt)
  • example of registering format 32-character standard (.txt)
  • new rules for localities (.pdf)


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