Routage International

Referential file of 200 countries exchanges offices
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Referential file of 200 countries exchanges offices

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ROUTAGE International is the postal reference file of countries exchanges offices which have been extracted from La Poste Production data. It provides all useful information to routing companies to prepare press parcels bound to foreign countries for postal services. It comes in addition to the routing carnet and indicates the handing in place and time limits. This postal reference file is subject to period update made by the Mail International Activity Direction (DAIC) and based on management modifications relayed by the Postal network.

ROUTAGE International contains exchanges offices of 200 countries. The INSEE code is the entry code.

Leaving from France, a country mail is separated once at least. However, some countries get one more sorting. The intra-country selection is made upon the postcode, the city name or from the territorial subdivision.

The file contains all information for the label edition.

ROUTAGE International is monthly published. The complete and updated version is available at the beginning of each month.

Additional data that can be downloaded:

  • ROUTAGE International material data sheet (.pdf)       
  • example of registering format 32-character standard (.txt)


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